BSE students learn from highly qualified teachers and support professionals. We utilize a tiered model of instruction and intervention that permits all students to learn at their own pace. We identify strengths and areas for improvement—academic and social—allowing our staff to provide extra support or challenge as needed to keep students engaged and on track.

Pod Approach

Our “pod” approach to instruction gives BSE four schools in one: 

  • Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first grade
  • Second and third grades
  • Fourth, fifth, and sixth grades

While each grade holds classes separately, a wide range of pod-based activities allows students to learn from one another in creative collaboration. Our 4/5/6 pod, in particular, joins together for a variety of project-based learning experiences. 

Our teachers oversee the progress of all students within their pod, and they work closely together to develop/enhance curriculum and refine teaching practices.

Media Center

Classes visit the library each week. We encourage children to check out books or other learning enrichment materials to enjoy. Please help us make sure students maintain these materials in good condition and return them on time. We will assess a charge for lost or damaged books and materials.

Science Lab

Students learn about the world around them and how it works as they engage in hands-on learning experiences in our fully equipped Motor Room.