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Buckland-Shelburne Elementary School (BSE) is the largest elementary school within the Mohawk Trail Regional School District and serves approximately 220 students from pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade.

At BSE, we set high expectations for all students, not only as learners but also as thinkers, problem solvers, and citizens. We acknowledge and celebrate our students’ achievements, while also teaching perseverance and resilience. At BSE, children learn to work hard and to love learning.

Welcome to Buckland-Shelburne Elementary School

November 23, 2020

Greetings, BSE Community,

Home Desk:

Our school committee chairperson, Martha Thurber, shared that a Buckland resident graciously offered to build simple desks for students who do not have an appropriate place to do their remote learning. This message was sent to all of our elementary schools, so BSE may only be able to add a few names to the list. Please let me know if this is something you need. In addition, BSE continues to loan our classroom desks as well. Having your own work station is definitely an important tool in today's remote world.

Food Service:

Good news about our school breakfast and lunch programs. The state has extended the free breakfast and lunch program through the remainder of this 2020–2021 school year.

BSE Community Hopes to Support Christmas

Children’s Wish List

In the past years, BSE has had the privilege of assisting many families through the generosity of our community with our adopt a family/giving tree program. Many events/programs in 2020 have unfortunately needed to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With some creative thinking, we are not canceling this program but rather making safe alternatives in order to best serve families in our community. While this program will look very different this year, we are hopeful that as a school community we can continue to assist many families this holiday season.


This year we are seeking families who may be struggling with the upcoming holiday season to bring some joy and cheer to their children. We are asking families that would like to be considered for assistance to please send an email to our school nurse, Danielle Long, by Monday, November 23. If your family has been considered for the assistance, we will ask you to complete an electronic form with gift suggestions for your child/children. These gift suggestions will then be added to a BSE Amazon wish list for families to select and purchase a gift/s of their choosing. All gifts will be shipped directly to BSE where our generous staff will safely wrap and distribute to the appropriate recipient.

For the privacy of those involved, the program is done anonymously. The school nurse will be the only individual who will know the identity of the families requesting assistance.

How can I help?

Once the Amazon wish list has been populated with the requested items, this will be shared with our school community. Families can help by selecting as many items to purchase as they wish. Once items have been purchased they will be removed from the wish list. 

Can’t purchase a gift? No problem! Another very useful way to help is to donate wrapping paper and/or gift tags to our school for our staff to safely wrap the items. If you wish, these items can be left on the vestibule of the school which is always unlocked. 

We are hopeful with this program and the generosity of our community can be the reason a child smiles this holiday season! 

Enjoy the upcoming weekend.


Joanne Giguere

Joanne Giguere